“First Smash 4” Art Exhibition – Hong Kong New Generation Arts Force

Group Exhibition by Five Hong Kong Artists

Press Release

Exhibition Duration: 26 August 2017 – 23 September 2017

Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday I 11am – 6pm

Opening Reception: 26 August 2017 (Sat) I 3 – 6pm  (*Artists present)

Venue: Art Experience Gallery


Art Experience Foundation proudly presents the First Smash 4 Art Exhibition, co-curated with Art Experience Gallery, featuring artworks by five Hong Kong young artists in this summer. Throughout the works shown in First Smash 4, each artist speaks a strong and unique dialogue of their cultures and identities, integrate them into their very own visual languages. It is their first experience to collaborate with a commercial gallery in Hong Kong, various media artworks include painting, printmaking, installation, anthotype, and photography will be presented in this show.


Art Experience Foundation serves as a platform for potential artists to exhibit their work and open doors for young artists to develop an art career. We invite you to join us in this special event to witness our local artists blossom their inspirations and talents in our upcoming August exhibition. Each participate artist will exhibit one set of artwork at Art Experience Gallery.


Five participating artists: Chan Oi Yan (anthotype), Chang Yue Lam (printmaking & installation), Hung Ching Yan (installation), Leung Mong Sum (photography) and Vera Chiu (painting).


《初試啼聲 4》香港青年藝術家聯展




展覽時間:星期一至六 |上午11時-下午6時

開幕時間:2017年8月26日 (星期六) |下午3-6時 (*藝術家將親臨開幕酒會)



藝術創庫基金深感榮幸向各位呈獻第四屆《初試啼聲》藝術展覽,由藝術創庫畫廊合作策展,將於今個夏天舉行五位香港年輕藝術家的聯展。每一位藝術家運用強烈而獨特的對話方式,在作品中演繹和創造屬於自己的一套視覺語言。是次展覽為五位年輕藝術家首次跟香港商業畫廊合作,將展出不同媒體的藝術作品,包括: 繪畫丶版印丶裝置丶 花汁印相以及攝影。




五位參展藝術家: 陳靄欣 (花汁印相),鄭裕林 (版印及裝置),洪澄欣 (裝置),梁望琛 (攝影),趙芝婷 (繪畫) 。

​"First Smash 4" Publication

Chan Oi Yan  陳靄欣

Chan Oi Yan (b. 1989, Hong Kong) is currently studying at Hong Kong Art School (B.A. in Fine Arts / Photography). 


Chan’s elegantly made anthotype images of the stone wall Chinese banyan trees speak to the value of the natural environment in the life of this densely populated city. Chan photographed the over-a-century-old Chinese banyan trees located in Forbes Street, Kennedy Town, and collected their leaves to produce sensitizer. The artist creates an intimate experience for the audience to observe this uniquely formed oasis scenery that blends together nature and culture, also to encounter the smells of nature at a close distance. The quickly fading tree images and leaf scents are alarming us the silently disappearance of nature in our city and the urge of protecting both nature and culture in Hong Kong.

陳靄欣 (b. 1989,香港) 現正就讀於香港藝術學院 (藝術文學士,主修攝影) 。

陳靄欣利用花汁印相技術,製作一系列生長在護土牆上細葉榕的優雅影像,道出這個人口稠密的城市生 活當中自然環境的價值。陳靄欣到位於堅尼地城科士街替過百年的細葉榕拍攝,並收集了它們的葉子製作成冲曬用的感光劑。藝術家為觀眾製造了一次親密的體驗,讓他們觀察這種將自然和文化融合在一起而獨特形成的綠洲風景,並同時能夠在近距離聞到來自大自然的氣味。快速褪去的樹木影像和葉子的氣味似在警醒我們,城市中正在無聲無息之中逐漸消失的自然風景,以及香港這片土地上自然與文化保育的刻不容緩。

Chang Yue Lam  鄭裕林

Chang Yue Lam (b. 1992, Hong Kong) graduated from Taipei National University of Arts (B.A. in Fine Arts) in 2017.


Chang’s archival art installation makes historical information of the Nanman language, also known as Cantonese, which is the predominant spoken language of the majority of Hong Kong people in everyday life and is also widely spoken in Southeastern China. Chang’s work speaks to his identity as Hong Kong Chinese and the value of culture and history of Hong Kong. His installation entitled Nanman Syllabary features a hand carved movable type woodblock, digital print images, woodblock imprints, pencil sketches and sound work. Chang elaborates on the history and the existing phonetic system of his mother language, which seems to be gradually neglected and diminished in favor of Mandarin in the modern Chinese society. The artist reinvents culture through carry out research, review and re-examine the phonetics of Cantonese, and given the spoken language a more important status as a personal identity of the Hong Kong people.

鄭裕林 (b. 1992,香港) 2017 年畢業於國立臺北藝術大學 (藝術文學士)。


螢幕快照 2017-08-25 5.12.34 PM-15

Hung Ching Yan  洪澄

Hung Ching Yan (b.1993, Hong Kong) graduated from The Hong Kong Baptist University (B.A. in Visual Arts Studies) in 2016.


Hung Ching Yan’s installation work features two photo books, a series of her photographed images of her mother’s personal objects, and three selected prints from another photo book. Hung’s work deals with the relationship with her mother and grandmother, it is also a visual dialogue and narrative of three generations of women from the same family. The two photo books contain images of Hung and her mother photographed each other secretly with disposable camera, and photographs of both daughter and mother taken by Hung’s father. In her photo installation, the artist shows a series of images of her mother’s store up objects, which she quietly stole from the house on a daily basis and photographed them individually for one year. On the other hand, the three selected prints reveals fragments of her grandmother’s life after her pass away. The work is filled with sadness and her struggles in getting to know the two most important women in her life.

洪澄欣 (b. 1993,香港) 2016 年畢業於香港浸會大學視覺藝術系 (視覺藝術文學士)。 


洪澄欣的裝置作品包括兩本攝影書丶一系列她拍攝屬於母親的個人物品照片,以及三張節錄自另一本攝影書的影像和文字 。洪澄欣的作品回應她與母親和祖母的關係,也是來自於同一家庭三代婦女的一次視覺對話和私密故事的敘述。兩本攝影書包含洪澄欣與母親利用即棄相機互相偷拍的影像,以及洪父拍攝女兒和母親一起的照片。在她的攝影裝置中,藝術家展示了一系列照片,記錄了她於一年內,每天悄悄地從房子裡偷走屬於母親的儲藏物品,並進行拍攝。另外三張影像作品,透露了祖母逝世後來自於她生平的一些零碎片段。洪澄欣的作品盛載著悲傷的同時,也表達出她渴望認識生命中兩位對她最重要的女性的內心掙扎。

Leung Mong Sum  梁望琛

Leung Mong Sum (b. 1995, Hong Kong) graduated from The City University of Hong Kong (B.A. in Creative Media) in 2016. 


The black-and-white photography of Leung Mong Sum reflects his confusion, anxiety and fear towards the status of social conflict and political instability in Hong Kong. The ten photographs entitled The Flag of Hong Kong, Waving in the Wind are presented together as a movement sequence, each stop frame image shows an individual motion of a waving flag in a rather poetic gesture. Leung soften the serious manner of the regional flag by focusing on the aesthetic and sculptural shapes of the waving flag. When black-and-white photographs always tend to remind people of the news and documentary images, Leung’s photography work as a metaphor reveals the complex emotions of Hong Kong people under the uncertain political climate over the past few years in Hong Kong. Leung’s work speaks to now, to the personal and collective tensions.

梁望琛 (b. 1995,香港) 2016 年畢業於香港城市大學藝術系 (創意媒體文學士)。


梁望琛的黑白攝影作品反映了他對香港社會現著的矛盾和不穩定的政治狀況,所感到的迷茫丶焦慮和恐懼。 作品題目為《香港在風中打轉》的十張照片,用一個順序的動態呈現在一起,每一格靜止的影像以相對較詩意的姿態去展示一面旗幟在風中飄揚的動作。梁望琛淡化了區旗嚴肅的形象,把重點放在飄揚中旗幟的美態和其雕塑似的形態上。當黑白照片總是讓人聯想到新聞和記錄照片時,梁望琛的攝影作品比喻香港人在過去幾年在香港不確定的政治氣氛下的複雜情緒。他的作品向現在丶個人以及集體的緊張焦慮作出回應。

Vera Chiu 趙芝婷

Vera Chiu (b. 1983, Hong Kong) graduated from The Chinese University of Hong Kong (M.A. in Visual Cultural Studies) in 2013.


Vera’s recent work explores the flexibility of painting as an art form. By applying different discarded objects she found in everyday life on canvas, the artist has created a vibrant visual dialogue and given new status to painting itself. Vera sees the beauty of the discarded objects and structure, in which she has established a way to shape her painting into a three-dimensional art form. The tactile quality in her collage paintings visually encourages the audience to touch her works, which is also the artist’s intention. Vera experiments various materials with paint on canvas, and by breaking down the found objects, she transforms and reconstruct the bits and pieces into abstract paintings.

趙芝婷 (b. 1983,香港) 2013 年畢業於香港中文大學視覺藝術系 (視覺文化研究文學碩士)。


趙芝婷的近期作品探索繪畫作為藝術形式的靈活性。 透過在畫布上應用她在日常生活中發現的不同廢棄物品,藝術家創造了一個充滿活力的視覺對話,並給予繪畫一種新的形態。趙芝婷看到那些被遺棄的物件當中藴藏著各種結構的美,從而在創作過程中建立了一種將繪畫塑造成三維藝術形態的方式。 拼貼形 式的繪畫當中呈現各種可觸摸的質感,於視覺上鼓勵觀眾去觸碰她的作品,這同時也是藝術家的意圖。 趙芝婷在畫布上進行各種材料跟壓克力顔料的實驗,通過分解物件成不同細碎的部分,再將它們重新建構成一幅幅的抽象畫作。

6 Sep, 2016


This project calls for all art submission (regardless to media or art form) from local final year and graduated art students, as well as Hong Kong based self-sufficient artists (regardless to nationality). It aims to discover the most inspiring, thought-provoking, original and contagious art pieces to showcase at the “First Smash” Art Exhibition. Every year the exhibition takes place at Art Experience Gallery during summer curate by the organizer. Each selected artist will exhibit one art piece at the exhibition. Participation in the art project will be selected by Art Experience Foundation team and a panel of established artists and art related performers.


本計劃透過徵集藝術方案的形式 (不限媒介),邀請本地不同的大專院校美術系的畢業生丶應屆畢業生,以及駐香港的獨立藝術家(不限國藉)參加,從中挑選出具創意丶富感染力丶視覺及意念獨特的作品在《初試啼聲 4》藝術計劃聯展中展出。 展覽將於2017年8月-9月期間在藝術創庫畫廊舉行,由主辦單位負責策展,每位藝術家將展出一件藝術品。是次計劃將由基金團隊及數位不同領域的資深藝術工作者嚴選入圍作品。


Application deadline: 1st February 2017

截止報名日期: 2017年2月1日


Please download application form for more details