“Yes, and Now” a group exhibition of selected artists from First Smash 5

Press Release

Exhibition Duration: 15 September 2018 – 31 October 2018

Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday I 11am – 5:30pm

Opening Reception: 15 September 2018 (Sat) I 3 – 6pm  (*Artists present)

Venue: Art Experience Gallery


Art Experience Foundation proudly presents “Yes, and Now: a group exhibition of selected artists from First Smash 5”. A platform for potential contemporary artists based in Hong Kong, the fifth edition of “First Smash” will showcase the work of eight artists. Works to be shown range from paintings, photography, installations to video art. The project encourages emerging artists, who are ready to showcase their work and talent to a greater audience, to promptly embrace new opportunities as encapsulated by the motto “Yes, and Now”. To them, each and every exhibition opportunity is a precious experience, which further enhances their creative concepts and techniques.


The eight Hong Kong-based artists selected by the Foundation include graduates from local and overseas art academies and an undergraduate student. While most of the works are brand new creations, the latest reincarnations of some of their final year art projects will also be shown at Art Experience Gallery.


Eight participating artists: Au Man Kit (installation), Lam Wing Sze (video), Lee Pik Ki (painting and paper cutting), Lean Lui On Kiu (photography), Poon Hiu Ying (mixed media), Tang Shue Fung (painting), Tsang Sui Yiu (painting) and Winnie Yoe (installation).


Curator: Iven Cheung


「好,就現在! 初試啼聲5入圍藝術家聯展」




展覽時間:星期一至六 |上午11時-下午5:30時

開幕時間:2018年9月15日 (星期六) |下午3-6時 (*藝術家將親臨開幕酒會)



藝術創庫基金呈獻「好,就現在 – 初試啼聲5入圍藝術家聯展」,展出八位當代藝術家之作,形式涵蓋繪畫、攝影、裝置和錄像。「初試啼聲」計劃旨在為年輕藝術家提供發表作品的機會,第五屆展覽以「好,就現在」為題,象徵擁抱機會與立即行動,意味藝術家準備好踏上更廣闊的舞台,面向大眾,展示實力和才華。對他們來說,每次展出機會都是經驗的累積,為下一次的創作帶來技巧和概念的提升。







Au Man Kit  區文傑

Au Man Kit (b. 1995, Hong Kong) uses different mediums such as photography, installation and video in his artworks. Au’s works are influenced by his daily life. He believes that daily life is the subliminal force that drives his thoughts, emotions and most importantly, his artistic practice. Au hopes to rediscover himself and express the conflicts in his life through his works.


“As an artist and the son of a restaurateur, the conflicts arising from opposing identities subconsciously affected my daily thoughts, emotions, and even more so, my creative approach. Creating art and running a restaurant may seem irrelevant to each other, but my current self is exactly the result of the fusion of the two identities.”


The installation Bamboo Warp deconstructs both physical shape and function of traditional Chinese bamboo steamers. The playful-looking reconstructed form reflects how a young man of a family business transforms the professional skills he acquired to fun.

區文傑(b. 1995)利用攝影、裝置和影片等不同媒介來表達作品概念。區氏的作品靈感主要來自他在日常生活看見的人與事,他深信日常生活會影響他的想法、情緒以至創作成果。區氏希望透過作品來重新了解自己和呈現生活中的衝突。




Lam Wing Sze  林穎詩

Lam Wing Sze (b. 1993, Hong Kong) graduated from the Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University in 2015. The artist now lives and works in Hong Kong. She likes to watch sceneries and take videos of them. Her works have been exhibited in Hong Kong, Germany and the United States.


In Hello, goodbye, the artist associates the two trains in the video with two people, metaphorising this trip as a relationship. The work itself is a sentence. The audience are invited to stand inside their own train, stare out of the window and go through the same path.


Wish you a pleasant journey.

林穎詩(b. 1993)2015年在香港浸會大學視覺藝術院畢業,現於香港生活及工作。她喜歡看風景,然後把它們記錄成影像。作品曾於香港、德國及美國展出。





Lee Pik Ki  李碧琪

Peggy Lee Pik Ki (b. 1989, Hong Kong) graduated from the Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University in 2012. She believes that art and life are inseparable, and art arises from little incidents and scattered thoughts. Through different mediums such as painting, mixed media and installation, the artist creates an interactive experience full of humour and encourages the audience to explore the different components of life. 


Cacti without Thorns is a series of four paintings. Cacti are as adaptable as Hong Kong people and know how to protect themselves. However, the thorns that were originally used for protection have fallen victim to rash impulses, resulting in scars that seem invisible but tangible. Thorns, whether for attacks or protection, are the very cause of damages. Once the wounds are formed, will they ever heal?

李碧琪(b. 1989)生於香港,2012年畢業於香港浸會大學視覺藝術院。她認為每項藝術創作皆源於生活中的小意外或忽發奇想的念頭。藝術家善於運用不同的創作媒介,包括繪畫、混合媒介及裝置,並以幽默和互動的方式去探討生活中的議題。



Lean Lui On Kiu  雷安喬

Lean Lui On Kiu (b. 1998) is a 19-year-old self-taught photographer. She sees photography as a way to build her own utopia. Her works are sensitive, metaphoric, emotional and dreamy. As she said: “I am still learning and exploring.”


Those who are unfortunate enough to fall prey to bullies are generally individuals who are less conforming. Reasons for being bullied could be something as simple as being less outspoken, more introverted, or even performing better academically. People like to push away the things they don’t understand, no matter what kind of cultural backgrounds they come from. When they don’t accept something, they’ll find ways to exclude it or hurt it.


People want to feel superior; this is probably the primary motivation of bullies. They feel accomplished and superior when they’re exerting control on their victims. Those who are accomplices to the bullying are an example of people being herd animals. Whether consciously or subconsciously, they’re aware that if they’re not participating in the bullying, then it could be them next.


“I’m scared of you being different from others, but I’m even more terrified of you wanting to conform.” This is the message that I want to share with everyone through this School Bullying series.

雷安喬(b. 1998)現年19歲,是一位香港攝影師。她自學成師,透過攝影建構她心目中的烏托邦。作品瀰漫敏感和夢幻的氣質,情感豐富而充滿隱喻。正如她所說,她仍然在學習和探索之中。





Poon Hiu Ying  潘曉盈

Jennifer Poon Hiu Ying (b. 1995) graduated from the Fine Arts Department of the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2017. In her university years, she began exploring different art forms and from then on developed a special interest in mixed media work. Her artworks are mostly inspired by Joseph Cornell’s box assemblages and Wes Anderson’s films. The wooden boxes she created house a world and a story of their own.


Comprised of a series of collages, this work tells a story about the disappeared and the disappearing. The story begins with a railway station clock. “I saw the clock at Tai Wo station every day, until one day a sticker saying “not in use” covered the clock face. That was the moment when I realised it would become an obsolete object. Modernisation is a natural process, but the problem is the clock is still functioning perfectly. Clocks are significant symbols and they are closely connected to my memories. It is hard to imagine the future development of the place I grew up in, and I respond with art.”


Most of the images of this series are taken with a mobile phone, while some are from the internet. The dessert photos are metaphorical in a way that the sweet treats easily melt and dissolve into nothingness, just like the clock. Selected images are transferred onto off-white paper and matched with elements like musical scores, beads and pencil drawings. The collage book is the carrier of a story.

潘曉盈(b. 1995)於香港土生土長。2017年畢業於香港中文大學,主修藝術。她喜歡混合媒介,主要用木盒和圖像移印作為創作媒介,作品大多數有故事性,重視細節、物料的質感與配色。作品主調受藝術家Joseph Cornell的作品與導演Wes Anderson的電影所啟發。





Tang Shue Fung  鄧澍豐

Tang Shue Fung (b. 1995) obtained his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2017. Working as a full-time employee, Tang keeps on painting after work and portrays his peers in his artworks, which are inspired by the anxiety arising from an uncertain life.


“This series of paintings are created after graduation in my spare time, the subjects of which are my family, co-workers and school friends. It is hard to adapt to working full-time, and the exhaustion and fatigue from work are projected onto the subjects in my paintings as a way to relieve my frustration and loneliness. I believe we share the same feeling as we share a similar life.”

鄧澍豐(b. 1995)生於香港,2017年獲得香港中文大學藝術文學士學位。除了全職工作之外,他在工餘時繼續創作,以認識的同輩為繪畫題材,作品表現不確定的生活狀態所產生的焦慮。



Tsang Sui Yiu  曾萃瑤

Tsang Sui Yiu (b. 1995) graduated from the Fine Arts Department of the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2017. Tsang's paintings explore the enigma and unfamiliarity of human consciousness. Her paintings create an environment different from reality and reveal the chaotic and random states of consciousness.


The Path to Repeatedly Vanishing __II depicts the weightlessness of wandering and the attempts to form an overwhelming atmosphere of instability. “Wandering” here means being directionless and adrift, abandoning determination and floating aimlessly.


Circling between reality and illusions by stacking a moving space over another, the work seeks to find out the chaotic consciousness of a “reality”, which leads to a virtual destination and back to the starting point in a loop.

曾萃瑤(b. 1995)2017年畢業於香港中文大學藝術系。作品主要為繪畫,並大多以「意識」為創作主題,關注其不合理和不熟悉的狀態。她在作品中創建出一個獨立於正常世界以外的環境,呈現由凌亂無序的意識構成的「真實」,從中探索意識在腦中跳躍不停的狀態。





Winnie Yoe  尤穎儀

Winnie Yoe (b. 1992) is an artist and designer born and raised in Hong Kong. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Studio Art from Dartmouth College in the United States. She was awarded Honorable Mention in the International Sculpture Center Outstanding Student Achievement in Contemporary Sculpture Awards and was selected to participate in the Triangle Arts Workshop organised by Triangle Arts Association in New York.


Insomnia is inspired by Yoe’s chronic insomnia. Responses collected from a survey asking “What keeps you awake at night?” are presented in two forms — a pillowcase sewn from strips of texts resembling trains of thoughts and a hand-bound book with unique typographic treatment for each reply — the former treating the responses as a collective existence, while the latter emphasising individual experiences. There is a striking level of emotional rawness in the responses. As the content is dictated by its participants, unintentionally, the piece becomes a social commentary and a platform to voice woes that are so commonly experienced but so infrequently heard. For the exhibition at Art Experience Gallery, the artist invites visitors to leave their responses and partake in the extension of the piece.

尤穎儀 (b. 1992) 是一位香港藝術家及設計師,畢業於美國達特茅斯學院藝術系。曾獲國際雕塑中心頒發年度當代雕塑傑出學生榮譽奬,2015年獲選參加紐約藝術機構三角藝術協會 (Triangle Arts Association) 舉辦的駐村工作坊。



FS5_Key Visual_Output_Output-01.png

19 Oct, 2017


This project calls for all art submission (regardless of media or art form) from local final year and graduated art students, to any Hong Kong based self-sufficient artists (regardless of nationality). It aims to discover the most inspiring, thought provoking, original and contagious artworks created by young artists to showcase at the First Smash Art Exhibition. Every year the Foundation curates a group exhibition for finalist artists who will exhibit their works at Art Experience Gallery. Each artist will exhibit one piece / one-set of artwork in the exhibition. Finalist artists will be selected by the team of Art Experience Foundation and a panel of guest judges in the art field. 


本計劃透過徵集藝術方案的形式 (不限媒介),邀請本地不同的大專院校美術系的畢業生、應屆畢業生,以及駐香港的獨立藝術家 (不限國藉) 參加,從中挑選出年輕藝術家具備創意、富感染力、視覺及意念獨特的作品在《初試啼聲》藝術展覽中展出。每年由藝術創庫基金負責策展,於藝術創庫畫廊舉行聯展,每位藝術家將展出一件/ 一組藝術作品。評審工作將由基金團隊及數位資深的藝術工作者嚴選入圍藝術作品。 


Application deadline: 1st February 2018

截止報名日期: 2018年2月1日


Please download application form for more details